Neodymium Ovoid - 38mm x 29mm x 5.8mm

Product code: 22006C

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Neodymium Ovoid - 38mm x 29mm x 5.8mm

Product Code 22006C
Weight 10gm
Style Neodymium Block - Ovoid
Coating Phosphorous
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetized
Dimensions Width:29mm, Length:38mm, Height:3 to 5.8mm

Product Description:

This unusual partial ovoid block magnet measures 38mm long x 29mm wide, with an ovoid thickness between 3 - 5.8mm. The coating is phosphurous

Uses for our rare earth block magnets:

Magnets like these neodymium blocks would have been installed in film projectors to regulate the movement of metallic parts. The speed at which individual frames containing the images pass over the projector’s light beam is vital. Moving images moving too fast or too slow disorients the viewer, countering the suspension of belief or emotional investment the filmmakers are asking audiences to make.

Rare earth block magnets express instinctive or intuitive magnetic power. Nearby metallic components can move, but only at pull or quit the magnetic grip force determined by the magnet’s strength. That is the intuitive or instinctive nature of magnetic power.

We originally had this magnet manufactured for the Film & Cinema industry. It is a component of a film projector used in the older style cinemas of the past. These particular movie projectors are still used to this day and we believe there are several hundred in operation worldwide. We presently have about seven hundred pieces in stock and will not be replacing this size once all stock has been sold.

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