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Magnetic Tape

Our flexible Magnetic Tape has glossy surface which is ideal for writing on with whiteboard markers. This flexible magnet is made from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix, which provides good demagnetization resistance and reasonable resistance to chemical agents. The tape can be cut to any size using scissors or a craft knife. PLEASE NOTE: Magnetic tape is sold PER ROLL. A roll is 60 meters long (approx.196 feet). Please see Magnetic Strips if you would like to purchase shorter lengths.

Make your own customized labels!

Magnetic Tape can be cut to any length, so you can create your own customized magnetic labels. This excellent flexible magnet solution is widely used in warehouses to organize stock. They are ideal to use on pallet racking as identification labels, or for any general labeling project.

Have any questions?

Please contact our sales team if you would like more information about our Magnetic Tape.

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