Ceramic Pot Magnet - 40 mm x 8 mm

Product code: 89016

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Ceramic Pot Magnet - 40 mm x 8 mm

Product Code 89016
Pull Force* 7 kg
Weight 95gm
Style Ceramic Pot Magnet
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetized thru the 8mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Product Description:

This ceramic ferrite pot magnet measures 40 mm (D) x 8 mm (H) with a pull force of 7 kg.
It has an 8.6 mm magnet bore and a M5 thread pot bore.

Uses for ceramic (ferrite) pot magnets:

These ceramic ferrite pot magnets are encased in a mild steel casing and exert a powerful 7 kg pull force. This permanent and removable magnet has a threaded void at the center which provides plenty of options in the workshop for secure hold and clamp functions while components on workbenches undergo alteration or manufacture. The threaded void allows these pot magnets to be affixed to non-magnetic surfaces with a screw, bolt or rivet. Once in place these magnets can be used to hold or suspend tools and materials on vertical surfaces for an orderly workspace, simple storage and easy retrieval. With no moving parts this ceramic pot magnet requires no maintenance beyond ensuring the magnet is clean before use.

ModelNo. D d1

Magnet Bore

Pot Bore H Pull force Weight (g)
89016 40   8.6mm M5 thread 8 7 Kg 0.0950
89017 25    C/sunk 4.8 8   0.0170
89018 32    C/sunk 5.8 7   0.0280
89020 55   22mm 4.6 11 12 Kg 0.0600
89030 88   32mm 13.6 18.5 30 Kg 0.0700


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