Ferrite Disc Magnet - 18mm x 8mm

Product code: 10065

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Ferrite Disc Magnet - 18mm x 8mm

Product Code 10065
Pull Force* 0.082 kg
Weight 10gm
Style Ferrite Disc Magnet
Dimensions Height:8mm, Diameter:18mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite disc magnet has a diameter of 18mm and a thickness of 8mm. It has a pull force of 82 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 10065.

Uses for our ferrite disc magnets:

Aluminium door and window manufactures have come a long way in a short time in the building and construction industry. Using magnets, including these permanent and removable ferrite disc magnets, 18mmx8mm embedded in aluminium door and window fabrications to fasten, or as hold and release agents, these assemblages are taking over.

Sometimes referred to as ‘congealed electricity’ because of the smelting process used to make it, aluminium products constitute significant percentages of many very large buildings. The façade of a building can be fully constituted with an aluminium and glass assembly. Balcony windows and doors, concertina door installations, louvres, shop front areas and main office entry lobby areas are often constructed using aluminium fabrications.

Magnets, embedded in the componentry of these fabrications fulfil a variety of functions. Some magnets are used to join, fix or fasten. This constitutes a hidden or secret fixing system allowing a more streamlined, seamless appearance. A more modern look. As fasteners, or as a fixing method, magnets avoid the need to pierce the aluminium componentry. This characteristic allows for adjustments to the windows and doors during installation without material penalty that might be encountered using rivets or screws.

Magnets, including ferrite disc magnets, the most widely used permanent magnet, are also engaged in aluminium fabrications as an intuitive open and soft close protocol for the moving sections of doors and windows. Further, glass and aluminium and magnets constitute satisfactory material compatibility. This is important. Builders and the manufacturers supplying building products are required to provide a warranty, often seven years against all product and work defects. Glass and aluminium embedded with magnets as fasteners, hold and release agents, intuitive open and soft close protocols deliver the durability, reliability and desirability customers prefer.

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