Alnico Pot Magnets - 20.5mm x 19mm

Product code: 47120


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Alnico Pot Magnets - 20.5mm x 19mm

Product Code 47120
Weight 55gm
Style Alnico Pot Magnets
Coating Red (painted)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Dimensions Height:19mm, Diameter:20.5mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico Pot Magnet with a threaded hole has a 20.5mm diameter and a 19mm height. Our magnetic alnico pot is identified by the AMF magnets part number 47120.

Uses for our alnico pot magnets:

Alnico is one of the oldest members of the magnet family (1940's), its name an amalgam of aluminium, nickel and cobalt. Alnico pot magnets are often used in sign assemblies as connective tissue for the different materials constituting these displays.

Signs are a necessary method of building a business or a brand. Health and safety signs in the workplace are often mandated by law. For those responsible for health and safety in the workplace, try to remember my variation to the old adage of "A stitch in time saves nine. A sign in time is a fine sign rhyme".

Fabrications like light boxes, street furniture scrolling assemblies and digital billboards deploy these pot magnets as fasteners instead of screws, bolts or glues. These pot shaped magnets fit snugly into circular voids created by drill bits cutting through glass, plastics, and fabric, timber, metal or masonry materials.

Magnetic engagement simplifies assembly protocols, especially for on-site or in situ assembly, allowing for minor adjustments or last minute adjustments without the drama associated with piercing fasteners or glue.

Further, disassembly is made much simpler for the purpose of changing the sign, servicing or cleaning. Magnetism, when released for any reason, after any period of time, inflicts no penalty to materials joined, held or bonded in this manner. Safe and secure. Reliable and Reusable. Permanent and removable.

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