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Neodymium Pot Magnet - 36 mm x 9 mm | Countersunk

Product Description:

This neodymium pot magnet measures 36 mm (D) x 9 mm (H). The countersunk hole is 6.5 mm (D). It has a pull force of 29 kg and weighs 52 grams.

Product Code: AMFYPA36
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Product Details

Product Code: AMFYPA36
Pull Force: 29.00 kg/63.933 lb
Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the 9 mm
Coating: Nickel (NiCuNi)
Weight: 52.00 gm/1.834 oz
Style: Neodymium Pot C/Sunk
Dimensions: Outside Diameter: 36 mm/1.42"
Height: 8 mm/0.31"

Product Dimensions

rare earth neodymium pot countersunk dimensions

About neodymium countersunk pot  magnets:

Countersunk mounting magnets are suitable for attaching objects to walls, ceilings. It has a countersunk hole and a high strength magnet in a mild-steel nickel coated cup. These popular neodymium pot magnets are used by builders, designers, and tradespeople for a wide variety of applications throughout the design and building industries; for example, balustrades on staircases, benchtops, appliances, secret fixing, soft close drawers, seamless cabinetry, discreet hanging, low pull-force release and re-engagement properties.

ModelNo. D1Ø D2Ø H Pull force (kg) Weight (g)
AMFYPA16 16 3.5 6.5 5 5 7
AMFYPA20 20 4.5 8.5 7 6 13
AMFYPA25 25 5.5 10.4 8 14 23
AMFYPA32 32 5.5 10.4 8 25 39
AMFYPA36 36 6.5 12 9 29 52
AMFYPA42 42 6.5 12 9 37 76
  1. Great magnets Review by Jim

    I've attached two of the 36mm x 9mm magnets to my driveway picket gates. The magnets are screwed into 50 x 50mm treated pine laths attached to a couple of short star stakes. On the gates themselves I have attached two Aldi steel mending straps.

    When I open the gates fully, the mending straps touch the magnets, holding the gates in place.

    These magnets are very powerful. and will hold the gates open even in 100kph winds.

    I recommend these to anyone having similar issues requiring strong magnets. (Posted on 9/20/2020)

  2. Great magnets Review by Jim

    I have these on my driveway (picket) gates and they are strong enough to hold the gate open, even in 100kph winds. Very easy to install, I just needed a couple of pre-drilled steel plates which I bought from Aldi. (Posted on 9/20/2020)

  3. Fits the Bill Review by Kenco

    Happy days and a strong connection , they work well (Posted on 6/25/2020)

  4. bought for manget fishing Review by Esme

    we bought 6 magnets and my husband bolted 3 on each side of an oval shaped piece of stainless steel with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts. He drilled a hole at the end of the s.s. plate and attached a stainless steel D bolt with our rope/thimble attached, cut a slit in the end of the D bolt bar and spread it with a bolster, then cut the end of the D bolt so that it can't undo and doesn't get caught when we use it for magnet fishing in the rivers and at jetties. You never know what goodies can be hauled in.:) (Posted on 2/8/2018)

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