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Small Magnets

small magnets

Small magnets play a big role in a multitude of devices, in industries such as nuclear medicine, chemical engineering, and electrical manufacturing, to name just a few. Magnets provide the energy to power a wide range of devices.

Small magnets make products simpler to manufacture and service, and enhance the durability and value of these items. As the trend towards smaller and smaller products continues, the demand for tiny magnets will also grow.

WARNING: Small magnets are a choking hazard.  

Small neodymium magnets

Small neodymium magnets are super strong. Many of our customers use these tiny but powerful magnets to display photos on metal notice boards, whiteboards, refrigerators. People love being able to use tiny magnets that do not obstruct the photos in any way. Small magnets are ideal for office cubicles and school lockers.

Small ceramic magnets

Small ceramic magnets are perfect for many craft projects and hobbies. Their size makes them very discreet, and they are inexpensive!
Creative customers use small magnets to organize make-up and jewelry. If your project requires you to glue magnets to a non-metal surface,
see our recommendations for Which Glue Should I Use?.

There are so many ways to use small magnets!

Check out some of the small magnets available now in our online magnet store:

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14 Item(s)

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