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Neodymium (Rare Earth) Pots, Hooks, Eye Bolts

Neodymium mounting magnets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with countersunk holes, straight center holes, male thread, female thread, a threaded hook, or threaded eye bolt. These versatile magnets are used in many commercial and industrial applications such as keeping doors open or closed, cabinetry, holding, fixing, attaching objects to walls, ceilings, vehicles or any ferrous metallic object or surface. Our mounting magnets are high strength rare earth magnets in a mild steel cup for extra protection against chipping or cracking. They are single-sided magnets which can be attached to non-magnetic surfaces without damaging the surface.

About our mounting magnets

These rare earth magnets are produced by the powder metallurgical method. The chemical composition is Nd2Fe14B. They are very brittle and hard, have reasonable temperature stability, and are great value. They are not suitable for applications which are exposed to high temperatures. These useful magnets are very resistant to magnetic demagnetization.

NOTE: Pot magnets do not attract to each other and cannot be used as pairs

Need more information?

If you require further information about our neodymium mounting magnets or any other product, please CONTACT our sales team.


Pot Magnets - Countersunk Hole


Neodymium pot magnets with countersunk holes can be permanently attached to non-magnetic surfaces using a screw. The screw head remains flush with the magnet.

Pot Magnets - Straight Hole


Neodymium mounting magnets with a straight center hole are commonly used when a bolt is used to position the magnet. Buy Online at

Pot Magnets - Male Thread Stud


Neodymium mounting magnets with male threaded stud are designed to be screwed into a threaded hole.

Pot Magnets - Female Thread Shaft


Neodymium mounting magnets with female thread are perfect for attaching different threaded items to magnets.

Pot Magnets - Magnetic Hooks


Neodymium magnetic hooks are excellent for holding cabling out of the way. Hook can be removed.

Pot Magnets - Eye Bolts


Strong Neodymium magnets in steel pot casing with closed hook, or eye bolt, for safe mounting of objects. Eye bolt can be removed.

Rubber Coated Mounting Magnets


These Neodymium mounting magnets are very strong rare earth magnets with a durable Santoprene rubber coating to protect delicate surface areas.