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Magnetic Tools

Our range of magnetic tools and equipment is of the highest quality, only sourcing products from reputable suppliers. We supply heavy duty magnetic devices as well as products that are useful around the home. Our magnetic tools are used by roofers, concreters, construction workers, carpenters, engineers as well as many other specialized businesses. Smaller tools, like magnetic stud finders and magnetic pens are great for projects at home.

Great range of magnetic tools available!

Powerful magnets attract ferrous metals. Magnetic pick-up tools are used to remove metal pieces and scrap from places where they might present a hazard or a nuisance. One of our most popular products is a Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Pen which will pick up small metallic items. This handy tool, complete with pocket clip, is ideal for retrieving nuts, screws and metal objects lost in awkward places. Another popular item is the Magnetic Stud Finder which is a very simple but effective way to locate studs in walls. 

If you have questions, we can help.

Please feel free to contact our sales team if you have questions about our magnetic tools or need help choosing the right magnet.

Separators & Bars


Magnetic Separators or Magnetic Bars are used by many industries to remove unwanted metal fragments from production lines. Buy Online Today!

Stud Finders


The Magnetic Stud Finder is sure to become the tradesman's best friend! As the name suggests, the Stud Finder is an efficient means of finding studs and metal plates within walls.

Knife & Tool Holders


Magnetic knife and tool holders are the inexpensive magnetic solution to organize your tools and knives. Ideal for use in garages, workshops, service stations, home or kitchen.

Magnetic Pickup Tools


AMF Magnets offers a range of magnetic pickup tools, such as magnetic pick up pens, which use the magical powers of magnets to retrieve items from hard to reach places.