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Ceramic Pot Magnet - 25 mm x 8 mm | Countersunk

Product Description:

This ceramic ferrite pot magnet measures 25 mm (D) x 8 mm (H). It has a countersunk magnet bore and a 4.5 mm pot bore.

Product Code: 89017
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Product Details

Product Code: 89017
Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the 8 mm
Weight: 17.00 gm/0.600 oz
Style: Ceramic Pot Magnet countersunk

Product Dimensions

Ferrite pot dimensions

Uses for ceramic (ferrite) pot magnets:

These ferrite pot magnets have a central hole which is countersunk for a bolt, rivet or screw and can be attached to non-magnetic surfaces. With no moving parts this ferrite pot magnet requires no maintenance beyond ensuring the magnet is clean before use. These magnets are used to lock individual components like frames, backboards, and glass and plastic shields together. Components fastened with magnets release at an intuitive pull force and dissemble for the placement of updated signs or new prices, snapping back together for display as if for the first time.

ModelNo. D d1

Magnet Bore

Pot Bore H Pull force Weight (g)
89016 40   8.6mm  M5 thread 8 7 Kg 0.0950
89017 25    C/sunk 4.8 8   0.0170
89018 32    C/sunk 5.8 7   0.0280
89020 55   22mm 4.6 11 12 Kg 0.0600
89030 88   32mm 13.6 18.5 30 Kg 0.0700
  1. Magnetic engine and gearbox bungs. Review by Phil

    My application was to retro fit strong magnets to brass engine and gearbox drain bungs to capture magnetic particles in vintage car engines and gearboxes. I wanted to adapt the original part, rather than fit a modern plug. AMF provided excellent service, prompt delivery, and very helpful technical advice regarding service temperatures and the right type of magnet to use for my application. A very professional operation. I highly recommend them and will use every time in future. (Posted on 10/27/2020)

  2. Product is what it is Review by Mim

    Excellent service, fast delivery, product in perfect condition. Cheers. (Posted on 8/16/2020)

  3. Ferrite pot magnets Review by Wombat

    Perfect for my application. (Posted on 5/5/2020)

  4. Perfect Review by Ian

    To reduce the air flow into a slow combustion heater and thereby control the intensity of the burn I had to find something to cover the holes in the steel air slide. I was able to choose this magnet (correct dimensions, strength of magnetism, heat tolerance & price) from a wide range magnets in there AMF online store. This pot magnet has a small hole in the centre which allows a low flow of air rather than blocking the air hole altogether as a block magnet does.
    Does the job perfectly. My overnight burn has gone from 7.5 hours to 11 hours. (Posted on 6/14/2018)

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