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FAQ Topics

  I am going overseas , will magnets in my luggage be prohibited on an international flight? Is there a strength of magnet that is acceptable to take, and what is the limit of that?

The magnets need to be well wrapped, so that there is no detectable magnetic field outside the packaging, then it’s fine to transport magnets in your luggage.

  I'm looking for an easy way to pick up pins from the floor after a day of sewing. Can you recommend the best magnet for the job?

Yes, our Magnetic Pick Up Tools should work perfectly. There are various different shapes and sizes, just choose what works best for you!

 Do i need to call you for stock availability

No, anything thats out of stock, will be out of stock on our website.. 

 Is a disc magnet that is axially magnetized completely north on one flat face and completely south on the other flat face.

Yes that's correct. An axially magnetised magnet is north on one side, south on the other. 

 Just wondering what is the difference between the part A and B on your Magnetic Tape Systems?

The difference is the direction of the magnetic poles, the tapes are opposites to each other so they join together properly.

So for example a 59063A would fit on a 59063B

 Will your Magnafix Tape work with a thin material inbetween the magnetic strips?

No, unless its only one or two sheets of normal a4 paper it wont, 

it is designed to stick to eachother with no materials inbetween.